Join Green N Clean Shirdi to serve our Mother Nature

Mother Nature has been the source of shelter and food from time immemorial. It gives us the oxygen we breathe and the water that we need to sustain life. Since the beginning, our well-being undeniably depends on this planet and its resources. The Earth delivers our necessities without demanding anything in return.

Hence, protecting Mother Earth is our sole responsibility. It ensures the growth of our ecosystem.

Not only us but the animals, plants and crops are also deeply connected and thriving in Nature. Neglecting or exploiting Nature will further pose great threats to the ecosystem, especially to our lives.

  •  Foundation of Green N Clean Shirdi

The overt urbanization of our Earth is leading us to dire consequences. However, the brighter side of this situation is that many people are aware of these consequences. They have taken their first steps to restore Nature and to bring it back to its glory. A prime example of this is Green N Clean Shirdi Foundation.

Green N Clean Shirdi members selflessly work towards the preservation of Nature since its inception in 2014. GNCS members have come together to serve humanity through noble social activities.

The followers of Sai Baba have devoted their lives to selfless services towards humanity, and few Shirdikars are following in their footsteps. Channelling their spirituality and self-reflection, Shirdikars have understood the importance of protecting our planet. They have aimed to make the holy land of Sainagari, the world’s cleanest and greenest spiritual destination.

Besides the initiation of the monumental development of Sainagari, GNCS has taken several eco-friendly initiatives to preserve the ecosystem of our nation. The Foundation has actively inspired travellers, pilgrims, local dwellers and visitors to stand up for the environment. Moreover, Sai Devotees from all around the world contribute to bringing Shirdi, Ahmednagar on a global pedestal.

  •   Making Shirdi greener

The first step towards transforming Sai Baba’s Shirdi sustainably is to make it greener. GNCS Foundation members have planted over 11,000 trees and inspired others to join hands. Over 5000 volunteers have taken a leap towards establishing more greenery and promoting cleanliness in Shirdi.

But why greenery? Because it is now more than ever that we need to prevent deforestation and focus on planting trees. We have all heard of climate change and are facing repercussions of the same. Environmentalists have published numerous data indicating the role of human activities in changing the environment and alleviating global warming.

Thousands of inhabitants around the world have taken active participation in combating climate change and voicing the concern. Being a part of urban life, some small measures can improve environmental health. Planting trees is one of the sustainable ways amongst many others.

  • How does planting trees help?

Urban development leads to almost 5% deforestation. According to researchers, around 36 million trees are cut down every year in urban areas and concrete are added in its place.

To reverse climate change, we can all start with trying to offset our individual carbon footprint. Many research studies have suggested that planting trees can help in replacing the huge amount of carbon emission. Major production of CO2 is the predominant cause of global climate change. A 2019 study conducted by the Swiss Institute of Integrative Biology has shown that planting 1 trillion trees can dramatically reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the air.

It is also studied that planting six trees per month in protected areas can replace the CO2 emissions produced by an individual. This accounts for the reduction of the annual global average of six tons of carbon dioxide per person.

Though reforestation is not the most effective solution in combating climate change, it can be a good start. Green N Clean Shirdi is a part of that initiative and a global participant.

The effect of global climate change can be felt closely for the past few years as well. We have been affected by deadly floods, cyclones, landslides which have killed thousands of people. To stop more damages to human life and Mother Nature, we need to sow the seed of awareness around the world.

  • Making Shirdi Cleaner

Another primary cause of the climate crisis is an overload of garbage disposals in landfills. It is responsible for around 18% methane and nitrous oxide gases. Cutting back on daily waste disposal, curtailment of plastic usage and recycling the waste can help in the betterment of the environment.

Similarly, Green N Clean Shirdi Foundation actively promotes the Organic Farming Culture of India to further support its agenda in making the nation cleaner. Usage of chemical fertilizers in agriculture pollutes the soil leading to water and air pollution. By encouraging organic Agri-produce with organic fertilizer, the GNCS Foundation escalates the concept of Greener Shirdi and minimizes the health risk.

  • How can you join and do your part?

As the proverb goes “Little drops of water makes a mighty ocean”, likewise every tiny effort counts. To make the vision of Green N Clean Shirdi Foundation a success, we need the support. To restore the damage of all these years, we need huge manpower for executing all the initiatives accordingly. We already have 5000 enthusiastic volunteers from all around the world helping us preserve the biodiversity of our nation. Your one small step can add more to Nature’s happiness index.

  •  Donate

We have a target and your kind donation can help us reach it quickly. If you are unable to go out and take active participation in protecting our Mother Nature, GNCS can do it on your behalf. Every small amount counts and makes you a significant member of this huge global movement.

Your donation can help us plant a tree, or promote more Agri-produce, or sponsor a child’s education. So, be a part of us and let’s make the nation greener and cleaner together.

  • Gift-a-tree initiative

Another unique initiative by Green N Clean Shirdi Foundation is “Gift-a-tree”. This encourages all the nature lovers to give one another a sapling on a special occasion. Be it your friend’s birthday or anniversary, gifting a tree can be a thoughtful present.

Even if you want to make your birthday memorable and your life inspiration for thousands of others, then Gift a Tree to GNCS. You will have a companion to grow evergreen with.

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